Interships/CoOp Education Series


The event, “Rise to the Top: Internship/CoOp Education Series” was a very informational presentation and I suggest all Villanova students who can to attend as well. The guest speaker, Jackie Vega, went through her powerpoint and gave us advice on experimental education. There are many resources that I learned about to help anyone get experience with leadership programs, internships, jobs, CoOps, etc. If you have the time in your schedule, this event is definitely worthwhile to attend.

The first thing Jackie talked about was the topic Experimental Education. This education is a vigorous work opportunity that is mentored by supervisors and the students learn by being actively engaged in their studies. They also take part in a lot of hands on work instead of studying from a textbook, which can be very beneficial. Students also get to know people during this education and this will help them build a network and be able to enhance their resume. All employers prefer to hire students with experience in the workforce. The awesome part about experimental education at Villanova is that everyone gets at least one opportunity and most people end up getting more than one.

There are many leadership programs offered at Villanova. Leadership programs at Villanova include Accounting, Financial Services, Consumer Goods/Marketing, and Consulting. All of these programs are 1414413512789very helpful and can be a very good experience during every students college career. Another very important tool is Villanova Jobs. You can access the website by visiting Every student should utilize this website when they are looking for jobs, internships, CoOps, leadership programs, etc. As well as this website, students can visit the Clay Center and the Career Center for further help. These are both great resources and the people at the Clay Center and Career Center are very helpful and knowledgable.

Jackie Vega also talked about how during an internship, students can earn academic credit. They can be getting paid during an internship and still receive three free credits. To qualify for this, students must haveinternational-internships over a 2.5 GPA and complete 150 work hours over 8-12 weeks. There are also International Internships offered at Villanova. They are offered with the Study Abroad program. With the International Internships, students understand how to work with people, companies and organizations from other countries and cultures. Places that a lot of students go to are Shanghai, Madrid, London, and many other cities around the world.

Another important tip to remember is to always be professional and show good etiquette during an Internship. You should always dress like a professional and use proper manners. After you have a conversation with someone, you should always ask for their business card and follow up with them after. This is very important for building a network. More important steps to think along with Internships and CoOps are completing a resume, making a LinkedIn profile, and attending more workshops on Internships/CoOps to learn more and more about the opportunities that Villanova offers.



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